Ideal Foods to Deep Fry

Deep frying is a delicious way to enjoy certain foods and it's a great way to take a break from your diet. Deep frying oil is a good idea when you want to make some good greasy dishes because this oil is specifically produced to deep fry. You can deep fry with cooking oil as well but it's just better to use deep frying oil.

The most common deep fried foods are fries, chicken wings/strips, fish and many more. You can however spice it up a bit and make your own unique dishes. As we see on a lot of food channels, they usually recycle leftover food from parties. You can deep fry sponge cake and serve it with ice cream, syrup or cream. Fried ice cream is also a nice and fun dessert you can serve to your children, ice cream is very delicate so make sure you find a good recipe and follow it as is.

You can jazz up boiled eggs as well, make your own unique flavourful coating, then coat the eggs well and pop it in the warm oil until they are golden brown. If you have veggies leftovers and you don't want to throw it away, you can mix them nicely and coat them with a well spiced dough, you can serve this with a funky flavourful dip. Frying left over pumpkin is another common dish to make.

For a kiddies party, with the right recipe at hand you can make your own corn on the cob. This is a good dish to make for a children's party because a lot of kids love mielies. The kids will also enjoy Oreo's coated with a nice sweet dough, these you can pop it on a stick to display them in a creative way for the children. You can stuff the doughnuts that you make with a fun filling to keep the children running back for more. Frying mac and cheese is also another famous dish, roll them into small balls then coat them in dough. You can serves these mac and cheese balls on sticks as well.

You can be creative with your potato fritters. You can wrap the following with the potatoes: mini Vienna's, chicken strips, jalapenos, cheese, etc. Once that is done you can coat them and pop them in the warm frying oil. These can then be served on a platter alongside the spring rolls and samosas. You can also slice potatoes thinly then coat them in a spicy mixture. This can be served with peanuts and raisins for an interesting spin.

You don't always need to make the same foods when having a party. Be creative with the foods you are serving to your guests. Also, you don't need to throw away foods that have stood over night. Instead you can turn them into a new dish and serve it to your family. You can serve all these fun meals with creative and well spiced sauces to keep your meals interesting. Make those fun and delicious deep fried meals you crave.