Smart Makeup Tips That Every Girl Must Know

Every girl knows some makeup tips because by now every girl has tried makeup. Many of you know at least the foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, etc..In the wedding season when parties are lined up, you may not feel cool to rush parlor every time. You may also not feel like buying costly cosmetics especially if you are not a daily makeup wearer.

What if you get to learn some smart makeup tips so that you'll be able to do your makeup with whatever stuff you have. If you keep practicing it, one day you can beat any professional makeup artist in Lucknow.


Primer is a pre-makeup base that you apply before doing makeup for a finishing touch. If you have it, great, if don't, no regrets. You need to moisturize your skin very well with whatever moisturizer you feel like. But before this step, if you can keep the sheet mask on your face, it will be great. Sheet mask hydrates your skin very well.


Foundation is the most important makeup product among all. Try to pick a shade that matches your skin tone. If you are a girl with dry skin, add moisturizer in your foundation and apply it.

Professional tip- When you are applying foundation or anything, give a downward stroke. Girls generally apply to give upward stroke and this let facial hair to pop up.


You can skip this if you don't have spots and pigmentation on your skin. Eating the right food will not give you skin problems anyway. You can also apply concealer to highlight some portion of your face like under the nose, chin, forehead, etc.

Well, you can do all this with your color palette too. You just need to change the color of the portion which you want to hide. For dark eye circles, you can use peach shade. To hide pale color you can use green shade. You can play with colors instead of purchasing expensive concealer.


You don't need to go into a battle with your eyeliner for a perfect wing because you can use your eye shadow instead. Choose the color that matches your dress and apply it in place of eyeliner. This cool effect is apt in summers and you don't need to buy expensive waterproof eyeliner. Any eye makeup artist in Lucknow will also suggest you the same in summer.


If you don't want to spend much on expensive smudge-free kajal, there is a hack for the same. As you apply a thin line of kajal on the waterline, lock it with eyeliner. Just one stroke of eyeliner will do your job. You can also apply eye shadow near the water line to give Smokey eye effect.


If you have glossy lip shade, you don't need to buy matte because you can give a matte look with that same lip shade. Apply your glossy or creamy shade on your lips, put a tissue paper and dab powder on your lips. As you remove the tissue paper, you will have a matte look.

Just practice these tips and you can even get ready on your engagement by yourself and don't need to visit any engagement makeup artist in Lucknow for that matter.

Nail Art

This is not a part of makeup but this completes any look. Nail art in Lucknow is not as expensive as going for makeup.